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01 August 2009 @ 07:44 pm
iPhone 3GS & O2 (UK)  
Yes another post about iPhone 3GS.
I went into my local O2 shop and had a good little play with the 3GS and talked to the sales person a little about it and just want to get your take on what I can do ect.

My normal usage is just loads of txting, around 500-600 per month and I want to have unlimited surfing. Whats the best package on O2?
I've been told a business tariff with a unlimited txt blot on with works out around £45 I'm guessing from what I remember from my conversation with the sales assistant, I could be wrong.

Also want to know if this if insurance is included in this and if not how much is extra is that?

Also if I basically dont do any calls or anything and basically pay the minimum bill do I still get a free upgrade every year as the assistant said or only if I spend a certain amount over the yr on calls ect do I get a free upgrade to whatever is the latest iPhone?

Also any good iPhone communities out there I could join up to ask questions etc?

p.s. Also livejournal and flickr apps on it?

p.s.s. Also can i use a plastic pen to type on the keyboard? I have fat fingers and find it a little hard to type anything without pressing 2/3 letters on the k/b at the same time.

~ B ~
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