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24 February 2010 @ 06:41 pm
Htc hd2 (leo) or iphone 3gs 32gb  
Well I've got to pick between those two phones and I did my research and all in all they both stand equally at the moment. (the iphone has some apps that I want that the hd2 doesn't have while the hd2 has some applications that the iphone doesn't have). So I decided to base my decision on one very very important thing for me. - Voice control. I plan to control my phone through my bluetooth headset (backbeat 903). I've heard the iphone 3gs has some kind of voice control, and the windows mobile os also has voice control. But the question that is really important to me is - which is better? Whic has more features? Which is best used with a bluetooth headset? (for example backbeat 903).

Also does any of the two platforms have text to speech. (So I don't have to pick it up and pretty much operate it totally using voice and my headset)?

I've heard the microsoft mobile command voice and it sounds horrid, is there a patch/app that can make it sound .. more natural?

All in all which do you think is better the Iphone or HTC hd2.

Here's what I'll use the phone for (other than the standard "taking calls and writing sms-es" thing.

- Listening to mp3s - audiobooks to be precise
- Taking pictures and movies
- Writing a lot of writing using www.evernote.com
- Managing my daily tasks using www.rememberthemilk.com
- Writing emails
- reading books (pdf)
- reviewing notes with anki